Saturday, 24 July 2010

The bridge over the A12: 16 July 2010

I could see this bridge beckoning to me from Hackney Wick station. Once across it I could quickly walk into Victoria Park and then I was nearly back home.

This bridge offers people on foot a way of crossing the A12 without getting run over. Although the A12 is not a motorway is certainly looks and sounds like one with traffic using it constantly 24 hours of the day.

I believe I read in the Guardian once that Philip Pullman*, the novelist, regards the A12 trunk road as having mystical properties. I find that hard to credit but perhaps it's something to do with the route it follows rather than anything else. Anyway this memory reminded me that I had painted a picture from the Victoria Park side of the road looking over to the waste land that was Hackney Wick. The pale paint at the bottom of the picture represent exhaust fumes! Enjoy.

* It has been suggested to me that it is more likely to be Iain Sinclair the author who writes about psychogeography amongst other things.

Stratford to Hackney Wick: 16 July 2010

 So now I've reached Hackney Wick and I wanted to try and draw some of the passengers who use the station. Of course they would keep moving around so that is why some of them are only partially there!

If you fancy taking a look at the link below you'll see my video of the entire train ride from Stratford to Hackney Wick. I found it interesting because it shows how the Olympic site is coming on. The train stops for a while next to the swimming pool then, when it starts moving again, you can see the stadium in the background.