Thursday, 10 June 2010

Manor Road, West Ham: 4 June 2010

I decided to go back to West Ham a couple of weeks later because I'd spotted a view right outside the station that looked worth a go at.

It was a rare day of sunshine and even though I was sitting in some shade I had to stop drawing because I was too hot.


  1. i love the new blog and i love the drawings. i know how hard this is to do b/c i've tried it. i start and it's hard getting things to "fit" together! I run out of room, or something ends up much bigger or too far down than it's supposed to be! so i hugely admire that you are drawing in ink no less!

  2. Thanks Marta. I never know when I begin a drawing how on earth I will finish it or what it might look like. I find drawing, like writing, is a step into the unknown and I may or may not like the results but I think they are always interesting.