Saturday, 25 September 2010

View of the City of London: 25 September 2010

Having left Dalston Kingsland station (to give its full name) I strolled down the road to a noodle bar for some lunch and saw this view of the City of London from Kingsland Road. It is a common mistake, and one I make routinely, of thinking of London as being completely flat. From where I was standing this view was distinctly looking down hill.


  1. That's a well-captured sketch and, though lop-sided, it is not because of you but because the CCTV column is leaning over at quite an obvious angle. About two weeks after it was installed it began to list and has remained at the same angle for many years since. I'm sure Hackney Council and Transport for London would gladly turn Dalston into nothing more than a soul-less clone of Croydon but I like its idiosyncrasies and hope our leaning tower remains for sometime to come.

  2. Hi Swimmer6foot4

    Thanks for your comments and I hope Dalston never turns into a clone of Croydon.