Friday, 22 October 2010

La Primera Café: 22 October 2010

I felt a bit lost when I came out of the station so was peering around for a minute or two in search of a café. Initially I saw a bespoke kitchen shop, didn't want that. Next door there was a bathroom shop, didn't want that either. I cast around and then saw what I was after and headed towards La Primera Café - finest Italian coffee.

I've no idea how good the coffee was because I had tea and a slice of cake. It seemed to be the kind of place that doesn't bother with plates but I did get a cup for the tea and I chose a window seat so I could draw the view.

I decided that since the previous sketch had been so tightly drawn I would go for a loose pencil approach for a change and I quite like the result.


  1. I am like the abstractness of your drawings- which might seem a bit weird to say. These seem lonely. empty but spacious as if they have been plucked from one place and made into another space - I hate describing things Are you planning to make any painting from these drawings?
    Hope you can find more cafes to sit in. If I remember rightly the light railway in East London seems to have stations where there is nothing commercial - very bleak.

  2. Hi Jacqui, I really value these comments of yours and anyone elses. They are so helpful. I'm not planning to make any of them into paintings yet - I just hope I have the patience to get to the end of the project - but who knows how I might feel next year?

    I also hope I can find more cafés to sit in too since it is getting colder and there are only so many layers you can wear at any one time.